The philosophy behind our practice and the Direct Primary Care model.


We believe that healthcare in this country is not where it should be. Healthcare should be affordable, accessible and high quality. Unfortunately, this seems more and more difficult to find. We are part of a movement trying to change that through the Direct Primary Care model.

We charge an affordable monthly fee so that you can have direct access to, and a relationship with, your healthcare provider. Cutting out the insurance companies allows us to have same day appointments, less waiting, longer appointment times, the ability to be flexible with our schedule to suit yours and to give transparent prices for labs and procedures. We are able to provide many services right in the office which may be cost prohibitive in other settings. In some circumstances, we can even come to you!

In this primary care, family practice office, we focus on both treatment and prevention. We endeavor to grow into offering classes to explain preventative care, proper nutrition, exercise and chronic disease management. Our vision is to provide multiple services included in your membership fee. We will be partnering with other entities to help provide low cost adjunct therapies as well - such as massage, physical therapy and acupuncture.

Click here for the definition of Direct Primary Care.